• What is ClingZ®?

    Electrically charged printable media that you can put anywhere!

  • ClingZ® will adhere to drywall, glass, metal, even brick! All without messy adhesives.

  • ClingZ® is repositionable — making placement, positioning, and removal a snap!

  • NEW — Ztac for outdoor or indoor use on glass or smooth surfaces.


ClingZ® is a patented, electrically charged polypropylene film that adheres to virtually any dry indoor surface. The White or Clear ClingZ® films are extremely versatile, clinging to drywall, glass, wood, metal, even brick - without adhesive! ClingZ® is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and non-toxic.

Through the years ClingZ® has been used in imaginative ways for point of purchase displays, retail signage, direct mail, magazine inserts, photo products, specialty items and dry erasable products (WizardWall) - among many other creative applications.

Most recently, ClingZ, Inc. introduced Ztac™, a low tack coated film that will adhere to indoor or outdoor glass or smooth surfaces. Ztac™ is available in White or Clear film, or choose Ztac™ Ultra for the ultimate clarity in a clear film. The unique coating allows the film to adhere for up to 2 years and be removed cleanly and easily, with no adhesive residue!

Ztac™ offers a solution for demanding applications. Outdoor retail signage, an oil change sticker inside a car, or a promotion on a glass freezer or refrigerator door are just a few examples.

Contact us for your free samples and explore the possibilities with ClingZ® and Ztac™!