ClingZ: Adhesive-Free Media

ClingZ® is the only print media that works without adhesive on any dry surface. ClingZ uses an electric charge—no glue, tape, tacks or pins required. Simply remove from its liner, apply and move to its perfect position. Effortless installation and easy, residue free removal make ClingZ the preferred media for sensitive surfaces and environments and when ease of installation, quick interchangability and flexibility is required.

ClingZ® is PVC-free, recyclable, and in complianace with the FDA, CPSIA, and REACH regulations.

ClingZ Standard Offset

ClingZ® Standard Offset is designed for conventional and UV offset printing. This product is available in white and clear. Both the polypropylene film as well as the paper backer are printable. Standard sheet sizes are 19x25", 23x35" and 28x40".

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ClingZ Versaliner Offset

ClingZ® Versaliner is a sheet product, compatible with conventional, UV offset and UV wide format print systems. Versaliner has a full-contact, printable paper backer. It's available in white and clear in standard sheet sizes of 20x28" and 28x40".

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ClingZ for HP Indigo

ClingZ® for HP Indigo is a HP Certified Synthetic Substrate specificallz designed for HP Indigo 5000, 7000 & 10000 series multi-shot digital color presses. Available in white and clear sheets of 12x18”, 13x19" and 20.5x29.5".

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ClingZ Wide Format UV

ClingZ® Wide Format UV is manufactured to match the specific characteristics of UV-curable wide format print systems. This roll product has a full-contact, printable PET backer. Available in white and clear in rolls of 42", 54" and 60" wide and 150' long.

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